1 Minute Stereotype


I globbed a samplepack of generic drum & bass samples on the web a while ago, and I made a short track out of it, called:
“1 minute stereotype”

the track can be found here: http://zebox.com/plugexpert/

comments are appreciated. :)

I also uploaded a bunch of linked loops of unfinished / work in progress or canned tracks of mine in 2 mp3z which one can check if interested.


thanks for sharing


keep em coming! :)


Man, you have some really sweet stuff in your loops/canned list. :)

Pretty twisted little track.

While the samples are stereotypical drum 'n bass, your arrangement of them is not and the length of this song is truly a tease. Would like it to be longer, but I guess that would contradict the title ;)

After hearing this, your data play track, 19 euro 50, etc. it looks like I need to dedicate a directory to your insanity.


you’re all too nice :)

yo yo yo Mr. Plugexpert, we’re waiting for an album :D

ahahaha this is sweet!

awesome hacking work. I’m curious to know, is the drum sampling “pure renoise” or are you using something else to assist with the arrangement there? Such tight beats!

EDIT: that short drum loop at 1:50 that makes another small appearance at 2:16 in the canned loops 1 track is also awesome. I would love to hear a track out of this. even just a demo track like your 1 min stereotype, I want more :)

Nice use of the sounds there, really helps capture the way they were used in quite a modern way. I enjoy chopping between breaks and love it when it’s done well, and this is a good example (although rather short).

Wouldn’t mind having some of those samples for myself, as all my old skool sounds are in 8-bit mono :frowning:

Any chance of a link?

Some of my stuff’s up for a short time if you would like to take the time to listen!

Good work.

Wow…wicket tight beats man. Excellent work.

I love the synth lines too. :smiley: My only gripe is the length.

Although it’s stereotypical, I feel like you should make this into a complete track!


ps as for the “loops canned” mp3…I like the second one that comes in at 00:18. Awsome underground hiphop vibe to it. The one at the 1 minute mark is dope as hell! 2:22 is awsome as well. Guitars at 4:03 are f****ing nice…beautiful sample. Wicked breakbeat at 4:18 as well.

Those are some dope idea tracks. I’m impressed. :slight_smile:

I am hoping that if enough of us rally together you will be generous enough to make this a bit longer.


Ok I will not beg.


In all seriousness it’s wonderful, but how about a 5 minute stereotype?!


I think many of the canned loops deserve to be streched out a bit too… if only to a couple of minutes with a simple build up.