10 Industrial Songs In 27 Days - All In Renoise


we’ve got a few days left but these are about finished! 10 songs, 42 minutes all done in renoise 2.8! :)

The player above will play through the entire album but to make it easier to check these tracks out here are players for the other 9 songs.
We’re still tweaking and sweetening things for the final CD submission but these are all near complete. (Paul just updated “drone” in our dropbox as I typed this…)

Obviously there were time limitations here so nothing is perfect, but that wasn’t the point!

Overall Paul and I were really happy with our choice to stick with renoise through 100% of the writing process… I learned a lot - it’s especially notable that there were no VST effects used here besides renoise’s native effects. We didn’t use automation envelopes, instead all automation was done in the pattern editor. I was reminded a good reason here why renoise offers the “scroll continuously between patterns” loop mode which I have quite vocally despised here before :) It did however make me wish I could interpolate values across patterns :(

Even with using the beta release of renoise - we had 0 crashes, really nothing close to a show-stopper issue along the way with either renoise on windows, os x and linux versions. We both stayed on os x and linux most of the way through this.

I think right now our favs are debacle, mangka and expendable.
Many of the XRNS files are 40mbish but if anyone is interested in remixing any of this stuff we could trim down the files and make the XRNS available.



peaceful rest






expendable assets

my favorite is squelch good industrial / techno feel. it’s quite catchy yet dark :drummer:

all the tune could benefit from some mixdown finetuning now that you have some time to fix them

Lot’s of great idea and sound design here

Ah yes. I remember the days of my high school youth going through the goth phase listening to all kinds of industrial and listening to it the first time eating vagina miss how she was the first and introduced me to frontline assembly kmfdm but surprising no skinny puppy. Dunno I was just never to get any of their album but I did like the bands from Cleopatra label I think the most electric hellfire club and kill switch kick and leatherstrip. Used to want to make this kind of sounds all time.

we’ve got an album cover, this is from a photo paul took while I was in town last week.

Thanks Thanatos for your feedback and compliment, We took the tracks a little further and I’m now in the stage of finalizing all the mixes… :walkman:

robotrobot, ouch - sorry you were subjected to such crappy music growing up… every band/label you mentioned sucked!! it’s never too late to buy a skinny puppy album, though!

edit: ahh you mentioned FLA, who didn’t really suck… tactical neural implant was a brilliant album, especially for 1992. Hey I even toured with FLA on their Artificial Soldier us/euro tour in 2006 in the opener-stromkern :)

I spent a good bit of time giving some attention to the mixes and these tracks above are all final now! Better be! The cd was sent 2 hours ago :)

nicely done. keep on tracking.