10 Minutes Of Fame - 80's Remixes For Boot 106 Fm

I’ve created a new 80’s electro mix exclusively for the Boot 106 FM internet radio station.

This is a 5 song mega/remix that includes:
White Wedding, Here Comes The Rain, Smalltown Boy, You Spin Me Round, and Take On Me.

Download here:

Or check the songs section of the Renoise website.


well done…

In the smalltown boy part the lead melody reminds me of the DM song “Leave in Silence”. I like your remixes, Mr. Roboto rocks! Is that one also done with renoise?

Actually no. Roboto was done with MadTracker 2. I used MT2 before I discovered Renoise.

ps, do you mean “Enjoy the Silence”?


‘Leave in Silence’ is an old DM song from their second album ‘A Broken Frame’ (released in 1982).