10 years Renoise Forum member

Hurraaaaaaaaaaay ;)

I have just noticed, that I am already using Renoise and the forum since 10 years… where the time has gone?

Thanks to the Renoise team for this great product, and also to the great forum members who have been always friendly and helpful! :walkman:

Me too :) Haven’t been too active though

Just noticed recently I`m coming up to the big 10 too, wow! :blink:/>

Time doesnt half fly! Heres to the next 10 years! :D/>

11 years and counting…

yup, here too, big ups renoise!
nice to not feel the need for switching DAW every other month… ^_^

Renoise has existed for 10 years? That’s a feat by itself.

hurraaayy for me to i noticed now, do I get a Renoise flavored beer now?
Not so many posts, but I’m visiting every day. I’m just more a lurker and don’t have anything news to bring often.
But I’m glad to share my Renoise powered band No Repair is coming back to live after an half year burn out issues at my side.
Love you all, cheers to the next 10 years of Renoise!

Better than the mile high club.

<= old.

Hehe, cool! Had my 10 year aniversary 5 days ago :)


Haha, great to have so many fellows!

I can’t be far off…

Further than I thought ;)

We’ll get there soon enough :)