1000 Pattern Limit Hit... How Do I Continue Now?

I’ve hit the 1000 pattern limit and am now getting the error “Copy failed, because this would result in more than 1000 patterns. Please free up some unused patterns first.”

Is there any way I can change the pattern size on all existing patterns so I can continue writing my song? I would rather continue to have 64 line patterns, but I don’t mind having 128 line patterns if it means I can carry on…

I don’t really understand why there is a 1000 pattern limit or how I’ve hit it either. I’ve only written 3 minutes of this song and have 101 “blocks” and 10 “tracks” (columns) not all being used at the same time… so I dunno how many actual different patterns I have, but for sure under 1000.

This has never happened before either and I have songs a lot longer… so confused

does “Edit => Delete unused patterns” help?

It does indeed appear to have helped, thanks!!!

Would you mind explaining why? I don’t know what unused patterns it deleted really… other than a couple of duplicates at the end I hadn’t renamed already (with double click).

On a side note, is there any way of making Renoise default to sequential naming when you add a new row on the left with the little plus icon? I’ve just been double clicking on the numbers and renaming them (eg. I hit plus on row 1, and rename the duplicate row it created 2 so I have rows 1 and 2 instead of two lots of row 1…) I think I’m wasting a lot of time doing this when it’s probably an option buried somewhere…

sigh, so glad i got that bit out :D :D ty for answering so fast

For example, if you made [0] [1] [2] [3] patterns,
then if you delete the [1] pattern,
now existing patterns on the sequencer will be [0] [2] [3] (and actually the numbers will be sorted automatically in Renoise 2.8, so it looks like [0] [1] [2] again).

But the old [1] pattern contents still remains hiddenly. You can find it again if you rise the pattern number by clicking the little arrow icon beside the pattern block several times.

Maybe you had a lot of such “unused patterns”.

Btw, are you using Renoise 2.7 maybe ?? :huh:
There are big differences on the sequencer part between 2.7 and 2.8.

If you are using Renoise 2.8;

Btw, why this command doesn’t exist in the right click context menu in 2.8 ?? :huh:

If you are using high speeds, you can use pattern sizes up to 512 lines. Gives you eight times the space.

I believe you have renamed a pattern to 999 at a certain point for some reason. This automatically created empty patterns between the highest one you actually used and pattern 999 so you didn’t have any unused pattern available anymore, hence the error.

this should be the default behaviour in Renoise. Which version of Renoise are you using?

Thank you!!

I’m using version 2.7.2

If I upgrade will it preserve my theme? I can’t remember :D

just do it and see :) you can also install two different versions on different folders (this is the default actually)

You’ve hit one thousand patterns!? Wow, if I may, what type of music are you making? I’m real interested, I myself can’t make songs longer than 50 or 60 patterns. Do you have any of these songs on the internets for listening pleasure?

if you continue reading the thread, you will find that he hasn’t used 1000 patterns.

on a side note, I have seen through the years that there seems to be a direct relationship between the number of patterns in a song and its repetitiveness and potential to bore the **** out of myself

Another limitation is the pattern length… I used OpenMPT and I have some patterns with a 1024 length… So the song can’t be imported directly with “it - impulse tracker” format (but I can export the song into midi file and import into renoise but I lost the pattern organisation)…

I don’t use Renoise for a long time but I think it is very easy to use… Those limitations (technical ?) are surprising… Obviously, with 1000 patterns and 512 length, many things can be done…


Wait, this incident means that we have to revive/remake Longtrack II… :panic: