11th Milkyheart EP's demos

i recently got an inspiration for my 11th EP, and quickly whipped up these tracks. they’re still works-in-progress, but they have enough variety and some interesting hooks.

the genre is ‘drumspam’.


Drumspam, I like it.

Fantastic programming of these breaks, really fantastic.

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thank you!

The snare is very present…give him life (modulation,spatialization…)

the “future” of Labels is a team:

-a producer “artistic designer”
-A sound mixing ingenior
-A mastering ingenior

the EP is now finished! you can listen to it on the Soundcloud playlist above or on my Bandcamp: ✱ bang! EP ✱ | milky✱heart

Snare is now pleasant…

More on the side (badass…you mix like me😉) and more soft

You use strike 2…no?

You use strike 2…no?

nope! it’s all samples.

Strike 2 can be a good sample(and velocity) source…Sometime you can have it for around 15$

Seriously,you have a fast learning curve

In the next few days,some nice girls will be more…sympathetic with you than before

Continue to “hear” and 'imagine" the subtility of a mix
plenty of “trunk” tracks to hear


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the EP is now available on Spotify: