120 BPM Track, trying to branch out

Hello Renoise community.

Gonna just post my stuff here, because I don’t want to be the guy that just spams their stuff everywhere.

This one I try a tempo of 120 BPM, and really just try to make a song that’s not boring. I’ve been trying to really internalize some music theory and learn how to use chords and melodies and things like that. So I tried to incorporate more of that into this song.

As always if you have any feedback, whether it be about composition, mixing, a specific part in the track, please feel welcome to share. I had a real rough time trying to handle the mid-range of the track and it has definitely shown me that I definitely have a long way to go in terms of mixing.

I also think this song overstays its welcome a little bit so if you have any input on that feel free to share.

But mixing isn’t what people come to music for right? I’m rambling now so I’m just gonna shut up.

As always thank you for taking the time to listen and I hope you enjoy.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2kBpIFiGUI here’s the YouTube video so you can see the track visually. It is out of sync unfortunately, due to a plugin on the master.


Hello friend listen are you familiar that Renoise has a scale feature so your playing stays in key?This will make your life a lot easier

scale feauture

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I wanted to keep it off just so I could put non diatonic notes, but I got confused so I’m probably going to use it in the feature.

Apologies for replying so late, I’ve been asleep.

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I see what you mean but i would suggest making simple stuff first so you understand the basics of music theory then move to more complex arrangements. I love watching youtube videos about piano tutorials on how songs are played this helps me not only for playing them but training my ears and my brain. Do watch some even if you are not going to play keys

thanks for the suggestion, will do!.

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This is your second track, right? So mixing and mastering isn’t that important at this point, you definitely should focus on your composition first. Mixing and mastering is just the finetuning of any composition if you ask me, and for sure it’s way better having a cool composition badly mixed than vice versa. The real deal is the music itself and not the mix. You can have the best mixing skills of all time, but when the composition sucks you can’t make gold from shit. :wink:

So I don’t want to judge the mix. If you would like me to say something about it, I would say “Push the low ends, tame the high ends”. The Kick could be punchier and the high ends could be less intense. But as I said everything’s fine, just focus on the composition first.

I’ve been trying to really internalize some music theory and learn how to use chords and melodies and things like that.

The most important rule in everything about music: If it sounds good, it sounds good!

You can also use “my” simple rule of how to create chords:
If you play 3 or more different notes in a row and it fits and sounds good, it will also make a good chord if played all together at the same time

If you’re using chords and melodies at the same time it’s also important to avoid wrong notes (same if you’re using several melodies running in parallel). Every notes playing at the same time must fit together. So for example if you’re using a 3 note chord you have to make sure that the note from your melody playing at the same time either is the same than one of the 3 notes from your chord or a note fitting to one of the 3 notes from your chord. Otherwise it sounds off and wrong. And that’s what’s happening in your track. Until 1:36 everything fits together, but then the chord playing keyboard enters and suddenly it sounds wrong, because the chord doesn’t fit to the notes of the swell bass. And then the acid comes in with some more wrong notes and it becomes kind of messy. If you fix the wrong notes you can “save” this song. Especially positions like 6:31 to 6:36, there are many wrong notes. By the way, I like the part starting at 7:53. It’s a perfect fit for creating a hip hop beat. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks for the feedback, I didn’t actually hear the out of key notes until you pointed it out to me. So I’ll definitely try to catch and look out for that in the future.

Just curious so was that the sound you were looking for? In other words were you looking for the discordance rather than the concordance?

I mean I do know that dissonance in terms of harmony is like when the harmonics of one note rub against a note in an intense way. Like minor 2nd intervals and that kind of stuff. But guess it just never caught my ear when I was playing it back, so I guess no, I wasn’t.