128 Vs 64

i use 128, you can get more detail in.


256 most of the time.

i like long ass patterns :P

I mostly use 64, sometimes 128. Also might add that I make house and dance-music along with some pop-music and mostly use 06-speed.

Whaaaaaa? You mean 40 or 80??? :P

Of course I regularly use 60 and C0 too…

I sincerely believe 58 to be the most useful one. Combine that with C0, and there’s not much you can’t do.
It’s just so easy to see the bars in hex.


FOR THE WIN. cant get enough variation in there with only 64 lines, imho.

Usually 128, sometimes 64 and in rare cases 96

can’t really answer: I hardly use 4/4 measures, and even if I do, it’s quite likely that my patterns contain doubled rows, speed changes and so on

The most common one is 64, but it depends on the song and which part. Changing time signatures, especially within the same pattern, requires different numbers which can be as odd as 41.

mostly 64… 48 if 3/4…

mostly 128, but 256 and 512 are good ones too

this is interesting…
when doing 4/4 beats i always used to stick with speed3 and 64 (or 128 if the “round” was long" if you know what i mean…), but NOW i love tracking in speed 1 and 256/512… the screen flies fast as hell, running over 330 bpm to obtain a house/techno tempo, but i just love having so much space (high resolution) without having to use ex and dx commands all the time…

am i the only one? :)

this way probably not so good for the eyes, but mine are f****ed anyway, so…

of course, there are some disadvantages of using this kind of pattern setup, like syncing arps and stuff to a certain bpm, but every time i try to go back to the “packed” pattern-style i just freak out and feel like im in rhythm-prison or something. i cant go back now ;)

Hehe, it’s the exact opposite for me, I like speed 16.