128k β€” An old tune with some new graphics

Edit: Original RNS file from 2005 here:
2005-08-25-dblue_-_renoise_128k_compo.zip (25.8 KB)

Use Renoise 1.8 to play it correctly :slight_smile:


Very nice track! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

does this categorize as a song with its size less than 128kb?
sorry if question is stupid

Not a stupid question :slight_smile:

I made this one many years ago, for a compo that required all XRNS (Edit: RNS!) files to be <= 128k.

I’ll upload the original file now, although it doesn’t play quite the same in Renoise 3.

Edit: See edited post above :slight_smile:

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can you recommend some sites/places (including anyone reading this)?
I’m following battles/posts from botb but cannot seem to comprehend how things are organized there, and i would love if someone could chime in to help me get it going :stuck_out_tongue:

and i would like to see something like BotB has, but category just for renoise & on this forum,
like all those variants (just ranting, not really accurate categories) 5b 125b 255b 5mb 25mb etc

oh i see that you’ve uploaded project file also. Thanks, will look into that!

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