13" Laptop / Macbook & Renoise

Hi all

Looking to buy a new laptop. Ideally I could do with getting a 13" screen - need it to be ultra portable. Anyone here using Renoise on a 13" screen? How do you find it? I’m a PC guy usually but looking at a Macbook as finding it hard to find a Windows laptop with a 13" screen that has specs as good as the 13" Macbook.



I use Renoise on a Macbook with a 13" screen all the time… yeah, it would be nice to have more real estate, but I’ve never felt frustrated or limited by the screen size.

Works for me, I also have the adaptor for a second monitor.

staying with windows:

Toshiba core i3 13"

and something like one of these M-Audio Fast Track Pro?

and a Korg NanoKontrol?

happy days for half the price

(i am pretty much ambivalent to OSs but having been a long time PC user, I did not take to OSX as much as various Linux incarnations. mho. of course, ymmv. no mac hate. everyone stay calm. ;))

That depends more on the screen resolution than size. And while the Macbook is only 1280x800, there are a few Windows laptops, like the Lenovo X301, that have 1440x900 at 13.3".

Make sure you can get all the plugins you want on OSX before you make the switch. Little less choice and range of plugins compared to Win32.

I am happy how it is on my 13" macbook, never feel like I need more space. And you can connect another screen to it as conner_bw said.

this is a bad time to buy a macbook btw… they will upgrade in spring 2011 and the bigger resolution screen.

I’m 99% sure about the screen upgrade because the new macbook air got the 1440x900 at 13"

Cheers mate, but yeah I wasn’t planning to get one just yet. Aside from the screen update I was expecting Apple to refresh the range anyway to start using i5 / i7 processors.

HMm maybe the i3… I know they didn’t upgrade last year because apparently the performance gain of the cpu versus the loss in gpu (because they couldn’t keep the same gpu) was not worth it for the 13"

while on the mac topic, how do i get f9-f12 to behave like the instructional video where f9 takes you 1/4 of the way across your pattern editor, f10 halfway, f11 3/4? on my MBP f10-f12 is dedicated to mute, softer, louder respectively.

I think on Macs the F keys work in the opposite way to on PCs. IE on a PC laptop they mostly have extra system functions and to access them you press the Fn key at the same time, otherwise they behave as F keys. On a Mac they do the system operation and you use the Function (Fn) key to use them as normal F-Keys.

Sure there must be a system setting for changing default mode though…

You can set them as you like, use them as normal keys, use them as system keys, or disable their usage at all system wide for any type of operation. I have modified them so that usage inside renoise isn’t compromised, I just added modifier keys to access certain functions.

Going into the keyboard prefs was only part one of the problem. The other was spaces I found that spaces are assigned to f9-12 by default so you have to unassign them and disable to use those keys for renoise.