13 Second Challenge

Write a song that’s exactly 13 seconds (no more, no less) long in Renoise, render to .wav or .flac, upload here … limit of 1 song per artist or collaboration… that’s right, you can enter one song yourself, then go out and collab with someone else for another entry! :D

I will continue to tag each consecutive song on to the end of each other, and the result will be the most chaotic, and shortest album of all time :) … results will be updated as soon as I get to every new entry, so stay tuned!

Saying you participated!

For 1337 status
Make it EPIC!!! :o … repetitiveness within such a small timeframe is just lame. Think progressive… in a short space ;)

This will be an ongoing challenge.
There will be no deadline… however, track submission order will affect physical placement in the compilation.

The current incarnation of the compilation: http://soundcloud.com/byte-smasher/sets/13-second-challenge-compilation

I’m so in. This is exactly my kind of thing. I’m gonna work on my 13 seconds then I’m looking forward for collabs!


I’m tempted. I’ll see what happens.


Is grindcore accepted? B)

Haha, I’ve done 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds… but never 13 seconds! Yeah, let’s see what happens :)

I see you guys are organizing a lot of interesting compos these days, but I had no time or will to get into them. But for this one I could do an exception, since it could be a good start to get some inspiration and it also should not require an huge amount of time to be done :)

any deadline by the way?

edit: can I cheat the rules by submitting a 13h seconds song? :rolleyes:

No and no. It’s an ongoing challenge, and the compilation (perhaps I’ll make it a single mp3?) will keep growing as long as people keep submitting.


13 seconds? shit, where will I find the time? :panic:

Mmd: nice… didn’t catch it till the second listen ;)

Sign me up!

Fiddling with it right now. I’m multitasking. Ha!

Is there any deadline? Reread the thread and got the answer…

I’m in!!

13 minutes to do 13 seconds… :wink:

Download here

Length fixed to exactly 13 seconds

thing is, if you just plonk it all together it will be a big dissonant mess…i reckon each person entering should make the track relative to the last entry…I.E in the same key, or starting on the last note…no?
I am up for it…
EDIT: nice one hooligan :)

Yeah I know, its 13,714 … I can do a quick short-remix if Byte requires it hehe :lol:


To how many decimal places?

I think we should do a Pi competition. 3.14159 seconds please ;)

Honestly though… I want as close to 13 seconds as possible. I don’t want 14 seconds or more, and I don’t want 12 seconds or less… and close to each is lame. GO FOR 13! :o

my thoughts exactly :drummer: