14 AmigaOS Boot Sounds set


For Amiga fans I’ve composed 14 Amiga Boot Sounds in Renoise tracker and saved
as .wav and .mp3 files.

7 files are with male/female voice over and anohter 7 are without.


I’ve also included Voices directory [with 19 different spoken text files] in
case you would like to use them somewhere else.


Download it from here:

For Amiga Wallpapers - here is my set, all drawn in Photoshop:

Amiga Encounter HD wallpaper by nykk deetronic

And to download full set of 12 full HD wallpapers resized into 6 different resolutions:


800x600; 1024x768; 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1680x1050 and 1920x1080px.

In this archive you will find following images:

Abstract, Abstract v2, Abstract v3, Impact, Matrix [+Matrix col2], Futur,
Retro, Retro v2, Space [+Space-green], The Ball, The Ball v2 and Xtra.

nykk // deetronic | www.djnick.rs | www.youtube.com/djnykk

Sounding good, for such small audio snippets :D

whose voice is speaking the “welcome to amiga” messages?

Tried to download the wallpapers, but my security-program blocks it saying it may contain malware/viruses. :(/>

Yes, in fact one of the wallpapers contains a picture of a virus. So windowz users can’t put it on their desktop background :lol:

Haha! That’s funny. Maybe the IT-department looked at it before and blocked it.

Welcome to Amiga are synthesized voices programs I’ve found all over the Internet - just type “Text To Speech” or similar and many will pop-up. Then I record What I Hear from PC and thats it :)

Hah this is impossible :) Only images are in the archive :D

Great sounds! :)
My favorites are #2 and #4 (with voice).
I think I will use #2 for my windows7 startup hehehe

Thanks :) I am happy you like my Amiga boots :)