15 Minute Track

So this was originally planned as a 4 minute track, in the same style as the previous track I had put out on my Soundcloud. But I couldn’t find a ending that made sense pacing wise, so it pretty much ballooned up to this length. Double digit length tracks are hard, sense they require good pacing and interesting enough ideas to keep the listener interested, and most importantly, good execution.

I’m not sure my composition did all of those things, though probably not. However, I was still very happy with the product, and most importantly I would love to hear your opinion on it, negative or positive.

So that’s my short little ramble, in conclusion, any feedback, whether it be mixing, composition, a specific section, feel free to send it my way. More importantly, the most important thing to take away from this ramble is, thank you for listening.


Long track but I never felt bored.Always something interesting and that beat coming and going helped a lot.I am hearing this in my phone with cheap earphones and it sounds great.

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Well thank you, I wasn’t sure if all the elements were sounding good together, since it’s a pretty big instrument pool.

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There was a rendering error with one of the notes not rendering in, so the track will be taken down and re-uploaded.