15b1 - "huge" Trackz

I know this is a known issue, but 1.5b1 manage huge track ( i mean with BIG wavs files stored) worse than 1.5ax…

test it please:



What do you mean by “manage” ?

no problems with this xm … on my side …

4% cpu usage on play

ok, this song needs a little bit long to load … but nothing else.

with manage i mean… mhh… ‘work with’ …
the track i linked you has been done on ft2 500mhz. ( and was flowing flawless…) now i play it with rns15b1 qith my amd1700 and it s often over 60 %. (and thus almost impossible to edit) but that is an other problem …

my point was: on alpha6 it asked for less resources than 1,5b1. can it be??
Can someone test it?? or is it only me having problems with that track?



edit: i just discovered i posted in the wrong section!!
feel free to move where it does belong


1.5gbRAM at 320mhz
asus p4c800-e deluxe
e-mu 1212m soundcard

HT enabled in the mainboard BIOS !

(not in Renoise … but nevertheless Renoise works fine with HT)

partially agreed.
renoise works fine with HT as long as you don’t utilize certain synths with it.
hence my HT is disabled from BIOS, it will NOT improve your performance anyways.

if not, there’s no way you could ever manage to get your RAM to work at clocks like that. :)

but that’s a problem of the synth not of Renoise!

my experience with HT is ok … it improves the windows multitasking really … but not a single application if the software isn’t coded for HT

no, it’s the problem of at least both, the host (renoise) and the client (let’s call it synth xy), because synth xy works perfectly well in other hosts like cubase, logic audio etc whereas it freaks out in renoise - given that HT is enabled.

so it’s either renoise or the special combination of renoise + synth xy which makes things undesirable.

no experience like that on my side … and i’m working only with VST/VSTi’s :unsure: … but that’s an isse for the “bug”-topic …