[165 Bpm] W.I.P Jungle With Dblue'S Tuned Comb Filter


w.i.p but thought I’d share for the jungle massive!


That was a lot of fun!
With my present chain smoking habit it would have killed me to dance to it,
but I danced in my head.
Lot’s of tricky footwork food in your jungle sandwich.

Crazy shit Jonas!

Loved it!

Great fuckin’ tune, excellent usage of the tuned comb filter. If this is a WIP I wanna hear the finished product. :panic:

I really enjoyed hearing this track…great use of the tuned effect.

You’re on a roll !! Can I borrow a bit of your drum-programming skillz, plz?

You’re all too nice! B)

Sure, I’ll trade you some for a bit of your coding-skillz :D

When you automate the comb filter, do you do so by ear?
EDIT: never mind - just found dBlue’s stuff in the other thread.

Would be great if I could do it by ear, especially for different scales, micro-tuning intuition ftw :wink:

mad skills !!

when is this WIP going to be finished this sounds fuckin wicked! :dribble: