190 Bpm Drum & Bass

Tried my hands at drum & bass today, little conservative in the programming department and the drop is weird :), but I think it qualifies:


it has the oldskool vibe going :) pre and postdrop don’t sound like they belong in the same track a bit though.

Thanks for checking endonyx, agreed on the disconnection between halves. At first I tried to glue the parts together through re-using sounds, for example trying to variate the string chord sample also in the second half, but that didn’t work to my taste, so I left it disjointed like this :slight_smile:

Are you familiar with the current D&B scene? Haven’t really checked out any (new) artists, other than listening to d&b mixes every now and than, what’s the current ‘hip’ formula? Who makes the bangers? Few years ago I came across Limewax, Dillan, Current Value etc and really liked the energy, any new stuff like this? Anyone can chip in with recommendations :D

Sound good at first glance, I’ll listen again tomorrow on a proper system to check the bass.

Maybe it’s an idea to bring back the first half of the track after the abrupt ending and slowly break the track down. This way the different parts might sound more coherent. :)

Thanks for listening/words Maskin,

didn’t think of trying it and stuck with the abrupt ending as I liked it that way. In general I don’t like an ending, which repeats a beginning as that can possibly sound cliche, like a symmetric, predictable form, but a breakdown for a change could be nice, wont be changing this one though :-).

Love it :)

I’m not a big fan of such endings myself but I thought it might help in this case.


No worries mate, appreciate the help!

Tight bass by the way. :)

I think the two parts go well together and the second part is awesome. I dig the weird bass line. The transition/breakdown, however, sounds lazy to me. A more interesting transition would make for a more effective drop, I think.

Those guys are still smashing it on the scene. Check out DJ Hidden, Ed Rush, Broken Note, The Sect, Kryptix, Block Dodger, Donny etc.,

Prspct Recordings, Black Hoe Records, and Bristol based up and coming Agro Records are good places to start. Also check out the Barcode Filthcast a lot of good DJs putting out good records on there.


Whilst you’re there check out my mates soon to be released tune

I dunno what most people call this style of drum and bass but we give it the onomatopoeic name Pang.

Edit: haha forgot to crit your track. DnB needs more heavy tunes, like was mentioned earlier the drop doesn’t really seem that smooth but I really like the tune.

Right firstly to the tune: Fairly straight up DnB, more so that I expected from you. Bass drop is quite nice and I don’t know if it is Soundcloud’s recompression to 128kbs for stream or the track but it doesn’t sound that clear to me. First half sounds like it’s going to go into something liquid and then it gets dirty. Different sections of drums in second part seem to sit better or worse but guess that’s just a mixdown thing and if you were to spend more time polishing would be ironed out. I like the snare that comes in about 2:30. Second half could also maybe do with something in the higher frequencies and seem to be lows and mids mainly…

Below I’ll reply between Ex-Sedate’s. You’ll probably have heard of a lot of them as I’m not so up to date either and find it hard to even find anybody stocking the labels I’ve listed and would sometimes like to buy these days. In fact did my first record shop in about a year not so long ago but mostly hardcore and frenchcore/hardtek stuff with a bit of jungle…

Those are mostly names which have been around for ages. Although really wouldn’t call Broken Note DnB, especially these days. Block Dodger hasn’t actually had anything released has he? Good bloke and pretty much my neighbour though, so nice to see him get a mention. Guess you might also know Jakub23 then? Got one of two bits out now… (Also it’s Kid Kryptic.)

Also try:
eRRe - Set of his newer stuff: SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
The Sect
Switch Technique
Paul Blackout

(Gancher remix of Mystification, so far unreleased but awesome track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkpi2inERjE&feature=related )

(Was tempted to try and find a link for each but only litened to that eRRe one last night and sure you know how to check Youtube, Soundcloud etc etc.)

Yeah Filthcasts are usually good! As are the labels above. Black Hoe Priests have a load of free releases, as well as paid for ones.

Killing Sheep
Alphacut (although more Jungle and I haven’t bought anything of theirs for years.)
Position Chrome

For a bit of oldschool Jungle sound check out Beat Lab by Warped Dynamics. These 10 tunes are the first 5 vinyl releases they’ve put out:

Quite like that. Hate genres and disagree with the current use of Neuro for the (what I used to term) Teknoid type stuff. Half time beat is a bit drumstep, the rest is a bit “Neuro”…

Thnx for the listens & music tips all!

yeah, didn’t spend that much time on it and the whole drop business is definitely an area I have much to improve. Don’t want my tunes to always have similar type of build ups though, so I need to investigate the options and improvise on it, avoid the standard snare rolls etc :wink: .

Have heard of Ed Rush (of course), Donny & Dj Hidden (isn’t he also a Renoise user)? Never heard off Broken Note, The Sect, Kryptix & Block Dodger, might have heard a track in a mix, but yeah…thanks for the recommendations.

Have bookmarked the filthcast for later listens and will check out those labels.

Nice tune, wouldn’t immediately classify this as d&b with all the switch ups in speed, I guess the influence of dubstep is crossing over into d&b? I like that bumfights or crackheads gone wild(?) ‘zookeeper’ sample and way he uses mda dubdelay feedback on the beats.

I think bandcamp has a better compressed stream if you want to compare: 5tyfwf5h5hw8w53f5ftwy5tf395tfw9 | Jonas The Plugexpert | JTPE

As source for the bass track I used bass samples originally in .mp3 format, so they were already degraded to an extend. Looped bits & slapped on ohmicide which I’m automating, plus did this psycho acoustic trick which actually removes bass, and adds overtones which gives an illusion of the bass being an octave lower (google: psychoacoustics bass enhancement). Some people are more sensitive to this trick then others though, so it can be hit and miss.

Thanks for all of these, will go on a youtube/google mission! :) :drummer:

personaly i think 190 bpm is too fast for drumnbass ;) can’t do my drumnbassdance to it

and check out RAIDEN. reealy nice :)

video proof or gtfo! ;)

Very good tune nice to listen. Some mix of liquid and neurofunk, and 190 bmp it sounds good to me.