1sst Place At The Sota 2k+4 In Track Compo

i hop you’ll like it.




Might be only 6 channels but sounds like 12…

This was just awesome, love the rythm, and the drums sounds very “alive”. or just “live” hehe :P

Funky as hell. Might just render this and have it play repeat on my winamp.

The “guitare” is my fav channel on the track. Very sweet.

keep up the awesome work Med! Congrats with an awesome funky tune!


PS: what do you mean by your “Replying to 1sst Place At The Sota 2k+4 In Track Compo”?

EDIT: PPS: Really like what you did with your snare, making it shake like that hehe, nice feature!

nice and funky … but not so good mixed - where are the high frequencies ;) … or the bad samples are the reason… but i’m an VSTi user B) … forget my criticism :rolleyes:

i mean, this was done for a music competition for the last week (faq what is a demo)

there is some rules in competition, one of the rules, is “you can’t use vsti, just only wav” and another one “there is a music limitation <1.5Mo”

so you can understand why the sound are a litte bad :)

thx anyway for the comment

Niice tune! The tracking and music is rocks! I saw that you didn’t use any delay? How come?

My only comment would be that I also miss some higher tones/frequencies.


not bad… well tracked - it’s got that ‘live’ feeling. but yeah, the samples are a little lo-fi. nonetheless, it’s a well produced tune!

yes, one more time, it was because the rns needed to be under 1.5Mo, so i compresse the sample.

sorry, you’re right, i convert the samples to lower sample rates.