1st song in Renoise!

Just (mostly) finished my first full song in Renoise!

I’m definitely a beginner. The only effect I used outside of Renoise is the Dubstation plug in by Audio Damage.

Please, put it in your ears, and give me some feedback!


I don’t usually listen to such music, but I would say it is definitely catchy and it sounds fine to me. Other guys here who produce similar tunes can probably give more ideas :)

And just a little hint: if you delete the “s” from “https” in your link, the soundcloud player will show in the post (just like in my signature) ;)

Thanks! I was trying to figure out how to embed it!

edit: ofc it’s in the sticky in this forum.

Haha cool. I like the Diablo II quote. Interesting stuff. Nice use of the minor mode.

Nice one, and I love the “drop” with the quote :)

It’s a great tune, but you have some serious mixing issues. I’d love to hear it again after it’s been worked on a bit.

What levels sound off to you? What are the issues? This is exactly what I was looking for, I have some experience composing but little producing. Thanks!

The bass sound that comes in at about 10 seconds is squashed in the mix too much so when it comes up for the higher notes of the arpeggio, it becomes painfully loud. You also want to make sure, especially when using chiptune samples, that you are carving out the active frequency ranges from the rest of the mid. For example, the B, Eb, D at 10 seconds in has too much low end to it, which crushes the frequencies of the drums and bass.

Your kick drum needs a lot of work. For the genre you’re working with, you need to have the kick come out more. You can aid this by cutting the kick frequencies from the bass sound. Your drums in general sound very verbed-out. They also need some sparkle, the snare especially needs a bit of crackle.

Personally, the chip synths sound a bit too raw, which by itself isn’t a big deal, but when combined with the drums you have, it sounds really out of place.
You basically have very dusty and distant sounding drums combined with this very in-your-face electronic sound, and it sounds like two different tracks are playing at the same time.

Personally, I think the dub break sounds pretty okay, because the dub sound goes well with that dusty break that you chose. But for the breakcore parts, I would go for a sound that’s brighter and goes with the chip samples a little more.

Thank you, I really appreciate that you took the time to write that!

The drums were all from the same sample, I can see what you mean about it sounding out of place.

With regards to the mix, I’ll take a look at the areas you critiqued, especially the drums!

I think you’d laugh/cringe if you saw the .xrns, the drum sample track has all the sounds on it.

Thanks again! I’ll re-up the song after working on the mix!