1st Track Here... Remix Of Britney Spears "Piece Of Me"

my first entry here ever…

I’ve uploaded the remix on SoundCloud but unfortunately the feedback is zero, so I hope to get some feedback here to make the mix better.

not mastered by the way so please do not expect superior quality :walkman:

You can find the track here:


EDIT: … argh… I got the title wrong… sorry for that, it’s of course “piece of me”… grrrrrr

fun!!! pretty nice… mixing needs some works yes… hihats are a bit nasty imo. but overall already nice sounding. i feel it could use some parts without beats… or beat changes… it kinda goes on and on. needs some breakdowns… but nice job :]

thanks for your feedback man :)

I’ve having hard times finding the right EQ/filter/Volume for hihats. with my earphones and monitors everything sounds fine somehow… hm…

break… yeah, I’ve already spotted the right place for that, I’ll try that…

Nice nice nice!

May I ask where you got the accapella? :)

sure, from acapellas4u, very cool site.