2:1, Monitors Or Surround System

Hi there,

I am a proud user of a Labtec 2:1-Soundsystem. The sound of it is pretty good but the lack of deep basses is quite annoying. Now I am thinking about buying new speakers.

If I had more money, I would buy fine monitors by MACKIE or something like that.

My question is, which speakers do you guys use?

As everyone onboard is more than bored to hear:
I am the proud owner of a brand new pair of Fostex Pm05 :)

I am incredibly satisfied with the quality/price ratio.
I was afraid for bass freqz as well… but after some listening I have to admit there was no reason for being concerned.

General tip: best thing you can do is to have a walk to the nearest music-stuff dealer and see what they have there for your price range.
If you want to go there with your mind set you can have a look to this other post for a small guide :)

at home i’m working with the low-budget passive monitors by Alesis. great sound for only 149€ (not compareable with high ends maybe but shit happens) and my amp is a 15 or 20 years old great Technics classAA amp … bought on ebay for 50€ (but it rocks and increases my electricity bill very nice :lol: > class AA)


i’m (nearly) satisfied with my sound at home …

here is a nice review about the following nearfield monitors

Behringer Truth B2031
Dynaudio BM6A
Event 20/20bas
Genelec 1031A
Mackie HR824
Roland DS-90
Tannoy 800A
Yamaha MSP10


I own a pair of Dynaudio BM6a. I have been listening to 3 or 4 of the others in that review. No need to say that I’m very very happy with the dynaudio.
Its hard to separate the top notch monitors if you are less experienced. You have to use them over time, and learn how to listen in general. Depending on what you are used to before, almost every speaker in that test are very good speakers. If you have had no experience with high quality nearfield monitors before, then I’m sure you will be more then happy with some cheaper speakers that has good value for money. The top 3 speakers in that test are very expensive.