2.5 Fidget House Tune

fidget fudge

not exactly finished, but about wanted to blast a quick arrangement of this, which was made much easier with the pattern matrix. seriously loving where the devs are taking renoise with this feature…

anyways, hope you like the tune

i would post an xrns but lots of the fx are vst’s…


Sweet track, nice sounds and love the bass

i need to look into the signal follower for sure

cool, like it when you insert the bass :)

Just wondering. Is there a name for this kind of music? As in category box. Sounds like dubstep with a 4 to the floor kick.

thanks for the comments,
glad you guys like it!

yeah! its called fidget house. it often has reprogrammed vocal samples and dubstep-like basslines.

Anyone have a good answer/definition for why this is house and not techno?

its only 124 bpm, which is more traditionally a “house” tempo,
but this track does have more in common with techno probably…
this is the problem with genre labels i guess

Learned something new today!

Great tune, thanks for posting it.

IMHO fidget house, techno and a thousand other pseudo-genres are all just ‘house’, plain and simple. Personally I prefer my house without vocals, beyond that I make no distinction between the supposedly different classifications.

I like to call it techno and not house though :P

thanks for checkin it out planetm, appreciate it…

i reckon this is a fair shout-
although in some circles ‘house’ became a dirty word when it went all ‘handbag’!
just as techno became a dirty word when two unlimited were at number one!
its a shame that pop music continues to sanitise underground music for mass consumption…
no need for a rant tho ;)

Sorry to pull this thread a little of topic, if you’re reading this and haven’t already then go and listen to jasper’s track!

I call it house since I remember when house was getting popular in the late 80’s, and the “Techno: The House Sound Of Detroit” album came out. At that point calling it techno was just a marketing ploy, just as pretty much every other house sub-genre has been created for marketing purposes since. I love most house, the sub-genres are meaningless to me.

fun song. so when is 2.5 dropping for realz?!