2.7: How To Set "First Slice" Of A Sample To C Instead Of B?

When you use "Automatically detect beats/transients - on a loop, how do I make certain that the first slice starts at C?
(they all (= by this I mean that any loop that I slice seems to) seem to start at B which is really confusing)

I’m probably missing something really simple, so please point me toward it :)

Since it’s necessary for Renoise to handle the mapping of sliced instruments automatically, you will need to use the Generate Drumkit function instead. If you Generate Drumkit with B-3 as the base note, then the original unsliced sample will be mapped to B-3, while the first slice will start on C-4 as you want (instead of C#4 which is the default).

My hero! Thank you :)

Not instead, but using the drumkit generator after slicing to adjust the key-assignments.