2.8 Looks Awesome, But If I Install It, Can I Open My Older Projects?

I love the look of it, but i’m so close to finishing my current project, I want to upgrade, I have a lot of vsts and automations going on, a compatability issue would be extremely annoying.Thanks :)

First of all, you can easily keep multiple versions of Renoise installed at once. If you’re using 2.7 now, then you can simply install 2.8 beside it and they will both work just fine.

We always try to remain backwards compatible with older versions, so your old 2.7 songs should load quite normally in 2.8, for example.

Important Note: If you load a 2.7 song into 2.8 and then save it, you will not be able to load that song back into 2.7 any more. Always be careful with this! Make backups if you need to.

If your project is very important and you’re worried about anything going wrong or being too different to continue your work, then you should definitely stick to 2.7 (or whichever version you’re using) until the project is finished.

I don’t think there are any real compatibility issues as such. Especially if you use all 32-bit plugins, and the 32-bit version of 2.8. You can still open the old projects, for instance. Some workflow issues that might throw you off are the new pattern commands (old ones all work, but they’re remapped), and possibly the revamping of the sequencer part.
Anyhow, I’d recommend finishing the project on an old version. The new version most probably works, but the workflow might be a little different than on the previous one.

Oooohhh… okay, sounds lke a plan. I would install 64 bit, and as far as I know I only have one 64 bit plugin. Thanks

LOL my project are never finished :) but I always go straight to the latest version.
I can’t speak for the future, but apart from some pitch bend and sample nna differences I never ran into big problems.
But then again, I’m such a guy that loves repairing songs (despite my band’s name :)), that way you really get to know Renoise and evolve along with it.

I gambled. No issues. Love the new coloury master spectrum, I’d love to see all my colours at the same time, but yes. Very happy bunny right here!