2 Columns "effect Volume" In Renoise ?


Now, I understand how to work the 2 columns “effect volume” :

=> 1st column : Volume “00…80” (only Volume Sample)
=> 2nd column : Effect “C” + “00…FF” (Volume VST Instrument)
or Effect “C” + “00…80” (Volume Sample)

My idea in the next version of Renoise :

=> Adding in the 1st column : Volume “00…FF” (Volume VST Instrument if we load one). I don’t understand why the effects Fx concerning “Cut Note after x Ticks (F0…FE)” are using in the volume column (?)

Thank you & Greetings,


These are cases for the specific note, the retrig in the effect column are for the whole row which is nasty of you would only want to retrigger one note (or one specific sample)
Say you use a kick-drum, hihat and snaredrum in the same track on three different note-columns and you only want to retrig the hihat, you need to do this there.
Also adding a dedicated effect column per notecolumn can make this track overview confusing and because in the past even only 00-$40 was used for volume, there was enough room for other effects to use instead of adding a dedicated fx column.

Most (if not all) of VST plugins only use 0-128 for velocity values (which is 00-80), the C value in the effect column is only Track-velocity, not VST plugin velocity. Renoise internal instruments don’t use a higher velocity resolution than $80 so in there, there is no scaling however a plugin will scale the value of what it receives and sends back but will probably scale back to #00-#128.

There would probably no real gain in allowing the dedicated volume column to send 00-ff to plugins if they scale it back to 00-80 anyway…