Yo listen up here’s a story
About a 2 guys that lives in 3rd world country
And all day and all night and everything their sees
Is just sound like them inside and outside
2 laptops is in his house with a 2 daws in one mixer
And their want to sync their sound
And everything is offbeat for sequencing
And everybody around be like FFFUUUU you suck!
'cause he ain’t got nobody to ask to

how to sync 2 daws on 2 pc’s for synchronised playback for 2 mens jamming or sampling stuff and cant really fuck up the playback
the only way we discovered is to press space with one hand on both keyboards :D
we tried to play on midi controllers live its all great, but when we want to record loop and stuff we have that problem that time to time one of us goes offbeat, is there invented tool or something that checks start of the sequence whitch allows to not fuck up recording??

??? wuh duh fuh???

Are you using OSC via LAN/WAN?

hmm nope, i can connect both pcs un a same network but need to google whut is OSC :panic:

Copperlan supports Midi over LAN :)