2 Instances Open _ Nanokontrol _ Midi Messages

hey, just got a Korg nanoKontrol this week,
I ve been using Renoise just with the mouse for about a year now,
I use it for playing live sets of my tracks.

everything is well mapped and all with the controller,
but (sorry I m new with Midi technology) when I have 2 instances open,
all the messages goes to the 2 instances at the same time,

how do I do to controll the tracks separately??



Set different ‘Scenes’ with the Korg Editor and switch between the scenes while you’re playing live, say scene 1 for instance 1 and scene 2 for instance 2. Make sure the different scenes don’t have the same CCs, otherwise you’ll end up with the exact same problem.

Personally I would try to keep everything in one scene and, for example, divide the upper half (knobs + upper row of buttons) of the controller for instance 1 and the lower half (sliders + lower row of buttons) for instance 2, this way you can’t go wrong with sliders and knobs being at the wrong position.

Another solution would be to invert the mapped parameters in one instance: you push up a slider and the volume of track 1 in instance 1 will go up while the volume of track 1 in instance 2 will go down simultaniously.

cool bro, that 3 diferents solutions might be great for future programing or organization in my tracks.

THE THING is that all my tracks are already saved with almost the same Mapping, and is kinda anoying to change it once I ve open each track,

I m thnking tho about the possibility in purchasing another nanoknotrol and separate the signs for each instance/controller, you know what I mean?
cause now i m using all the knobs, sliders, buttoms in the controller in one track,

thanks a lot anyway and lets see how it all turn down