2 Midi Devices

Hi there… I’ve just tried the new renoise 2.5 demo and I really think it’s awesome!!

Love the midi learn function!


I want to control renoise with my Vestax VCI-100 (start, stop , knob fx)

and i want to play notes on my keyboard…

But what’s happening now… is that sometimes… when I hit a button on my VCI-100… I hear a VST-instrument… but I want the VST-instruments to be controlled with my midi keyboard… and renoise with my VCI-100

any help?

Well, if it helps, you can always transmit your VCI-100 messages on channel 2.
Renoise simply transmits all the CC messages to the currently selected instrument or mapped controller, as long as your VST plugins do not listen to the same channel as your VCI-100 broadcasts on, your midi keyboard and VCI-100 remain two independent controllers.

this is quite awesome. correct me if i’m wrong (or i’d been missing it all this time) but those transport controls were not previously midi-mappable before the latest 2.5 release, eh? very nice.

Exactly what vV said… look in your VCI-100 for how to change the midi channel which it transmits on if you don’t know already. that’s simply all you need to do, then remap the transport buttons once you’ve successfully changed midi channel on your controller.

vV - Interesting that VSTs pick up these messages on channel one regardless of what instrument or track is currently selected haven’t run into this but curious… is this independent of which midi port the VCI (or any other midi device) hypothetically is/could be connected to??

good topic.

I don’t expect an instrument to respond if it is not selected. Ofcourse it always responds if notes in the pattern editor are triggering it, but other than that an instrument should just remain shut if not asked to respond. Is that really the case or is something perhaps been overlooked?

Messages from all MIDI-In devices are send to the currently selected instrument and mapped controllers.
VST instruments by default listen to channel one unless you change this in the VST instrument properties. Some VSTI-plugins may also respond to other CC messages than simply note-data. Like i can imagine that VST plugins with sequencers respond to transport messages if the VCI transmits these. If you have that plugin selected in the instrument list, you might get a double response.

nothing that i can see has been overlooked if i understand this issue and the fix you provided correctly… but

I took
“sometimes… when I hit a button on my VCI-100… I hear a VST-instrument”

“if it helps you can transmit on midi channel 2”

to equate to sometimes even if you dont have the vst’s instrument bank selected and you’re midi controller is using channel 1 that some messages might still be sent to the vst, hence your suggestion to change midi channel of the controller… which i suspect was suggested just to avoid any situation where the user might be resting on something that would control a VST, use his/her VCI expecting it to do one thing and have it do the other.

Im anxious for the day that renoise can take in more than two controllers, on a side topic. I really do hope that even with all the VST hype (don’t get me wrong, they’re great, i just don’t rely on em) that sequencers do not tip the scale of support (too much) towards the VST side over the MIDI side but thats quite a tangent - i think i’ve gotten a bigger coffee buzz this AM than usual :)