2 More Breakcore Songs.

I really don’t know how much you guys like/can tolerate breakcore, but I still felt like posting these here :P

Track 1: This song took me like an hour and a half to make

Track 2: I bought these pants in Libya
(SLIGHTLY NSFW, depending on who’s behind you. Couple of N words. Just a warning :P)

i love breakcore as long as its well produced.

i think your synths sounds drowns the breaks

I tend to focus more on how crazy and heavy it is more then mastering and making it sound clear. Its something im trying to do less :P

Is it well produced other then that?

Almost all do. Thats the sad story…

Lol :P very true.

I am trying not to sound like that though, trashy breakcore thats badly mixed. I will go back and make the synth quiter.

on the first 2 tracks
I used 2 renoise instances
one [master] have an instrument that control via MIDI the whole patterns [20] history [start buttons “sequence-trigger”] of the slave instance … (Block-loop inclusive)
so I can controll one renoise with my qwerty keyboard
the second [slave] is used to run loops samples and whatever shit you want at 200 b.p.m. and 64 LPB…and have the audio output connected to the firs instance [so i can record all i want in realtime]

i use jack2 on ubuntu/linux for midi and audio connections


I like the second track more than the first, mainly because it’s not completely lacking on the low end. They’re both still very high end heavy… the first track could definitely use some bass exciting, if not an additional sub kick to mirror your break kicks.

In fact, the second track is the clear winner in this group… “PIE PIE PIE PIE I LIKE PIE” xD