2 New Monster Dnb Tracks!!

Hey boys(and girls)!!

Been away in the studio developing my own sound…not there yet but enjoying the journey!!

Got 2 new ones for ya…1st-Candyman: Dunno what to call this one but futuristic circusfunk …pretty twisted and mishcievous DNB, had a lot of fun making it…I think that will come across when you listen…the sub absolutely pounds :walkman:

2nd one: Exhaltika, a work in progress Nuerofunk tune…I must say the drop is pretty sick…my fav drop of all my tunes…

You guys know what to expect from me so enjoy…

Oh yeah, all my (justified) snare critics should enjoy my snares…I worked on them just for you! :D

As always leave comments on my track waveforms if you are part of the soundcloud community and you dig…thx to those who do and have :walkman:


cmon you can do better than that guys! :rolleyes:

Candyman - This is an awesome erratic head banger. :guitar: The drum sounds are very tight, the synths are brutal (but clear), effects are drippy and sweet, it kicks ass as a whole! I love the variation.

Exhaltika - Amen to that drop, brother. You are very good at making your intros very different from when the shit really hits.

Did you use just Renoise on these?

Cheers m8!!! Had a lot of fun makin these tracks! Yes, my brother, RENOISE only!! No hardware…nada…just renoise, some plug ins and a boatload of inspiration and obsession!!!

Lets get some more comments in! For those who think all DNB sounds the same these days, try listening to candyman and tellin me it sounds conventional!! I think not!! :yeah:

Thx to those who leave comments on my soundcloud waveform, much appreciated!!! :walkman:

ps: heatseeker…will give your track a listen 2morrow as I know you could use some feedback!..no internets atm :rolleyes:

hi tarek :)

very nice stuff ! i´m still a little bit unsure about the snare sound but that´s a question of taste i guess.
the rest is very good :yeah:
hope the EP is ready soon.


Cheers m8ey!!I guess I can’t make everyone happy w/my snares!! Oh well! :P

You know, being as my production has taken a new direction, I might actually be releasing 2 eps…coming up with more material than i thought! :walkman:

Anymore comments guys!?

As always those soundcloud waveforms comments much appreciated, thx! :D

Wait what? Those are like the best modern dnb tracks that have ever come out of renoise. Damn good work.

Thx m8!! Thats the goal, there are getting even better…think I m outdoing myself with my next tune…starting to get more comfortable and break out of the box so to speak.

Will be uploading new versions of these tunes that sound even better(necessary mixing adjustments found by fresh ears!)

comments, fans, love??!!

ha ha!! thx for all your support and love guys…thx for soundcloud comments 2!! :walkman:

I like how Candyman is as unconventional sounding as it is. String synths sound appropriately cold. Exhaltika didn’t move me as much. I’d like these tracks more if they’d kick my ass even further. They’re fine pieces.

I have four words for you:
Release album or GTFO.

Cheers M8!! The mixes are better now(less mud, therefore more clarity of expression and punch…sub seems louder now). So hope they will deliver that desired kick in the ass you are looking for! :walkman:

Ha ha!! Cheers…Fear not…I may actually be releasing 2 EPs…One for my darker stuff, one for the new forward thinking direction I am taking.

What’s in store?: As of now, one(or 2) more DNB track(s), a WIP of which I may be uploading soon as a teaser…outdoing myself with this one.

1 Drumstep track(Half-Time DNB) and 2 Dubstep tracks, however, dubstep done Tarek-FM style…no cliched wobbles…just techy, industrial futuristic madness.

As far as release schedule and plans…I have quite a few options as I have generated label interest w/o much promo(read basically none). Thusly, I have no doubt and I can find a solid label for my eps once they are done.

However, I may have a surprise in store, thus making the ep releases far more interesting then normal.

Thx everyone for your interest and soundcloud comments, keep em comin!!! :yeah: :walkman: :D

Listened to the first track and it’s really good. It’s a bit too sparkly for my tastes. I prefer my D+B a bit darker and heavier(check below for what I am on about) but it works and I enjoyed it a lot - nice one!
I was expecting to get an extra part to the beat dropping in at some point to thicken it up, like a 16th hit but not a hat. Something in keeping with the kick, maybe a small reverse hit here and there to spice it up.

You are heading for a sound that is very similar to a D+B producer called Xilent. If you can top one of his tracks called Bombstep I’ll love you forever :)

One of mine

Xilent - Bombstep (the production on this is fucking sick!)

Cheers m8 thx!! Defo get the interest in darker and heavier. Heavy is an interesting term, however, imo it can pertain to 2 things.
1)Overall punch and weight of track 2)Type of sounds being used

I think at this stage I am more interested in the first kind, as many tracks which may not have such a menacing vibe/tones crush so called heavier tracks on the dance floor. Candyman is ultra-heavy in that regard, however the mood is definitely mischeivously playful! Anyways glad you liked it! :walkman:

Check out Velodyne and Mind Bender(needs a mix update) on my soundcloud page…Velodyne is quite a hit w/ fans of pure dark neurofunk, I nailed that vibe spot on w/ that track. :D

wow, gr8 comment/feedback…may look in2 for a VIP one day, thx!:slight_smile:

I am totally getting you and that’s an awesome compliment…I think you will be pleased w/ my future output :walkman:

I listened to your track, I am afraid you won’t get that type of sound from me, however, as established with the above response that shouldn’t be a problem!:slight_smile:

ps…thx everyone for your support and soundcloud comments(do so if you dig!), new WIP up soon!! :walkman:

edit: I have uploaded a newer track, thusly the track he is talking about is Candyman, now the 2nd track:)