2 Or 3 Keys For Every Action

Yeahh… now some things have 2 shortcuts, should be possible with errthang.


I still think my poor, ancient mockup of having a secondary entry box for setting a second keyboard shortcut is far superior to the current way of having the function listed twice. At the time the Devs even sounded as if they agreed with/liked the idea…

Never saw it
anyway I think it should be more like in many pc games, like

Shortcut Name . Key 1 . Key 2 . Key 3  
Shortcut Name . Key 1 . Key 2 . Key 3  
Shortcut Name . Key 1 . Key 2 . Key 3  
Shortcut Name . Key 1 . Key 2 . Key 3  

or sth :)
(and a better way of ‘abbreviating’ shortcut keys)

How could you abbreviate it better???

Obviously in the display it would have to show all the set shortcuts, similar to how you have put (something I missed off my mockup admittedly) but with it being line by line section, which if it was changed would make setting your keyboard shortcuts while using the keyboard itself much more annoying, should not be changed.

Up/Down - Hightlight shortcut to edit.
Enter - Edit primary shortcut
Shift+Enter - Edit secondary shortcut.

And I really don’t think we need more than 2 for anything! There are already more shortcuts in the program than you are ever likely to map to something usable! Most people who do have secondaries set are those who use the same settings on multiple computers (desktop with numpad and laptop without for example) and there are not enough differences between keyboards to warrant a third shortcut for everything.

Although a Qwerty To Notes Disable function is still something I would support and would probably have to have its own area to set up shortcuts. In fact this is probably better handled by a Tool anyway…

Yeah. Qwerty To Notes Disable is very easily done with a tool… You go do it.

Except all the actions you want to access would also have to be coded as function into the tool. Not impossible but a lot of work! And I haven’t had time to work one my baby little ones that are probably mostly under 100 lines!!

But as a mode it could be a good idea incorporated into Esaruoho’s Paketti tool, or something similar.

(PS. I hate you Esaruoho! I still have to go and check how your name is spelt every time I want to write it and yet still get it wrong as often as not!! Even though I had very regular communication with you in some early DDRC rounds.)