2 Questions About Sampling In Renoise!


Just “converted” from FL Studio 8 to Renoise - or not completely (yet), as I’m still using FL sometimes. Mainly because I’m missing two things in Renoise:

Time-stretching and the Fruity Slicer (from FL Studio).

Can any of these two things be found in Renoise 2? Either as internal functions or as VST-plugins. Doesn’t really matter which.

Especially time-stretching I’d love to use in Renoise. Is it possible??

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You can do some form of oldschool (gritty) timestretcing with 09XX command. Not sure what the slicer does, but there are many ways to create slicing effects within renoise, including slicer pattern command, volume automation with LFO device, etc.

Suva: Hi! You explained the answer to my other question 'bout using VSTi’s in here very well, so it’s probably a good idea to ask you about this too:

How do you use commands in Renoise (2)?? I’m very new to (using the more advanced functions of) trackers, so I’d very happy if you instructed me in how I use this 09XX command.

Thanks a lot in advance! :slight_smile:

BTW: The FL Slicer is just an internal FL Studio plugin that auto-chops samples in few/standard/many regions. Very handy tool. But like I said, it’s time-stretching I miss the most…

Oh and BTW I make sample-based hip-hop (and also various electronica genres, but mostly sample-based hip-hop…)! You wouldn’t by any chance know other Renoise 2 functions that would be useful for me to know??

here is a funny renoise tutorial about beatslicing in renoise.
This is the way without the 09xx command and wich I prefer ;)

Demo song: http://remixta.net/stuff/stretchgate.xrns

How I made it.

First pattern

Plays regular amen break. The 2F00 effect on the top turns OFF the gainer device in track DSP, will talk about that later. To create those effect on/off effects place your edit cursor on the line where you want it entered and RIGHT click on the effect toggle checkbox.

Second pattern

The break is timestreched with 09XX command.

  1. Enter the note on every line and also place the 0900 command to it’s side. (Easiest way of doing this is that you create one row with C-4 0900, select the row, press CTRL-C to copy and CTRL-P to continuous paste, but you may just hold down right keys and pan through the whole pattern).

  2. Edit the the effect on last row to something like F5 or so (the right value may depend, just try what sounds best for you).

  3. Press Shift - I (Interpolate track). It interpolates the values (fills in missing values) between the first row and last row.

09XX is “sample offset” command, what actually happens is that the effect places playback in sample to positions described in the effect, in this example it constantly “rewinds” the sample on every long to make it sound longer.

There is also Alt-I that interpolates the selected block instead of the whole track, also all those effect interpolation functions are available in right click menu.

Third pattern

Gating with pattern effect command. The 04XY command slices currently playing row, so you need to cover all the area that you want to hear the slicing on. As you can see I covered the whole track.

The first parameter gives the volume when slicer is closed 0 means silence I used 2 for bit softer result.

Second parameter is when the slicer kicks in on a row. Smaller number means more silence, higher number means less silence.

Fourth pattern

Gating with LFO and gainer device. That gives similar result to previous pattern, just that you have more control how the sound is formed. Check the DSP chain window how the LFO device and gainer devices are set up.

Fifth pattern

I realized just now that you want beatslicer. So I made this pattern.

The amazing 09XX effect comes into play again. Instead of cutting one sample into smaller pieces you can choose where the sample is started, giving you full control over rearranging loops.

The numbers in 09XX are taken from sample editor bottom ruler. Just see which places in sample seem interesting for you and write down or memorize those numbers. Then use them together with 09XX effect. Really useful stuff as you can see. :)

You can read more about pattern effect commands here: http://tutorials.renoise.com/Renoise/EffectCommands

Suva: The demo song you uploaded… I can’t get it to download properly. The filename is stretchgate.xrns but when I start dl’ing it, it’s suddenly called stretchgate.zip!

When I get stretchgate.zip down on my hdd, it only contains a XML-document called Song.xml… which I can’t open in Renoise…

Could you please re-up the correct demo file?? Thanks!

Rename the .ZIP to .XRNS

@ Suva:
cd /etc/httpd/conf
nano -w httpd.conf
AddType application/x-extended-renoise-song .xrns

I don’t have access to apache config on that server, but I added this to .htaccess so it seems to work aswell. Please try to download again.

Image Line Slicex VSTi v1.0.3

this is very useful… but i’ve noticed that interpolation is only possible between the first and the last row of the pattern… is that true? would be nice if i could interpolate the values between any two notes tho

You can also check the “Selection in pattern” button in the Advanced edit menu, then it will interpolate between the first row in the selection and the last row in the selection.

Let me guess: You have a Mac and use Safari for web browsing :)

The interpolation methods are selectable. Shift-I is interpolate track. I don’t remember right now what is shortcut for “Interpolate Selection”, but I think it was Alt-I, you can see the shortcuts (or use the functions) from context menu:

  1. Select block
  2. Open context menu with right click
  3. Go to selection > interpolate selection

There is also choices between linear and logarithmic interpolation.

That was my problem actually. My webserver didn’t know how to identify the XRNS file so it decided it is just a ZIP compressed transfer. I have fixed the issue already.

shweeet… exactly what i needed… thanks guys!