2 Renoise Prallel


is there a opportunity to run 2 renoise in sync under linux?


I tried this, and at first i also had no joy…

I use Ubuntu studio (7.10), which has jack connection kit. So make sure your using jack rather than just ALSA or youll have to resort to old fashioned midi leads, which are prone to making a tangly mess.

So open renoise, twice… ill refer to each one as an instance.

In the first instance of renoise, in the midi preferences, set its ‘midi clock master out device’ option to ‘renoise midi out sync’. (also, i un-checked the option of sending song position and MMC, as this may cause you problems i dunno :panic: )
In the second instance of renoise, in the midi preferences, set ‘midi clock slave’ option to ‘renoise midi in sync’.

On the jack control panel… click connections, and select the midi tab in the new window, you also may need to click refresh…
If they are not already connected, you need to make the connection between the two instances of renoise… ‘renoise midi out sync’ to ‘renoise midi in syc’. (of course, ensuring your not sending instance one or two back upon itself. )

Once this is done, you’ll find it still won’t work :w00t:

In the slave instance of renoise… you need to click the little ‘clock’ icon next to the letters ‘BPM’ (where you set the tempo). This makes Renoise then slave to midi clock- which i suspect is why you were scratching your head. :yeah:

Also… i assume you could route the midi clock in other manners through jack as there are other options in renoise and jack, but i haven’t tried simply because the above works.