2 Short Movies With My Music ^^

Hi there, here’s my two shorts with images.

first one - Dreamer
This one was a project of a friend of mine, he’s a director and asked for my help on the soundtrack, so I made him one.
Dreamer - Directors Cut

And the second one was more of an experiment, the spectrum analyser and yeah… thats me in the picture :lol:
Whats Wrong With Music

Thanks for your attention and feel free to leave some feedback :)

All songs are Renoise made ofcourse!

Very interesting indeed.

That spectrum analyser thing with your face on it? Was that video editing, or did you make a sound that created the pic?

The dreamy music was nice, nice and dreamy and nice and sleepy. Nice vibe, suits the film well…

First film is pretty cool, really love the music, and the video itself isn’t bad either.

The second is kinda pointless, we all know there are couple of programs that can produce spectral images. It was somewhat interesting to hear and see how they are formed. The music itself was utterly boring and even annoying. :P

There are some programs that can convert BMP images to sound it took me a while to figure out but it was just for the funz :lol:

Thanks dude ^_^

Thanks man! always nice to hear things like that ^^

Haha true that, I just never did anything like that and I wanted to see what would come out. I’d like to make some kin of melody with text or something… Anyway! Thanks for the comments so far! :D

haha, the spectrum analyser song is brilliant. Nice lickle experiment there.
I digged the Soundtrack to the dream video too…really cool synth and it suited the film well. Nice one.