2 Short Mp3 Sounds

I did this for my phone and I think it sounds pretty interesting so I decided to share it with you.

I sampled my female friend & put sfx at the beginning & created two short sounds for NewMessage arriving and a NewCall. I hope you`ll like it.



If I chose to own a mobile phone I’d use this =)

good to see you’re still semi active mate, looking forward to more tracks from you - “69%” is still lingering on my desktop getting regular use ;)

Great! :)
Anyway I`m very busy but have some free time to drop email here or there :) Btw, this sound pretty well on my N70 :]

Aaaahahaa, kinda russian accent “yojuh have nju caal”, so cute! :D

I’ve gotta start using these, nice!

if I dont forget Ill post image of her too. she is also very sweet girl ;) I`m also glad you like the stuff :]

yeah we want pictures!!

lol… nice stuff…

there she go:

Yekka herself :)

djnick: thanx man! nice stuff :)
Especially djnick-newmessage.mp3 - 1st bleeps sounds like begining of ‘i’m operator of my pocket calculator’ by KraftWerk :)

I`m glad you like it. I used 2 vst instruments for it & played the sounds :)