2 Small Questions

1 I have a hardware limitter and would like to put a send and return on the master track. Its not possible to do this. What is the best way to do something similar? I have sends aswel that have to be routed to the hw limitter.

2 Is there an option to use the mouse scroll wheel to change values in renoise? This would help me a lot with rsi.


1:If your soundcard supports routing to specific outputs, you can select a dedicated output set to your hardware limiter (you can do this on both a send track and a regular track),

  • then route your hardware limiter’s output back to (one of) your audio card its inputs and use a line-in device on another track or send-track (for the input it doesn’t matter which of both you use), but route that particular track to the master track.

2:the options in the drop-down menu can be scrolled as long as there is a vertical scrollbar. Otherwise i can only point towards using the keyboard cursor controls, or doubleclick the value and manually type it in.

I would not do that, this will simply introduce additional conversion noise into the signal without adding any benefit. Software limiters would be more appropriate.

In fact, digital signal processing is far more superior in terms of precision and noise compared to analogue (filtering, EQ, etc) by leaps.

Most likely, but perhaps he has a magic limiter :)

lol. I was just about to sell my limitter, when i gave it a try after a while the difference was really astonishing. I have a TC electronic finalizer and this thing is just great compared to the software multiband limitter i just. so much tighter and clearer. also its connected via optical so no conversion. But what multiband vst limitter are you talking about?

Anyway the way you describe Vv. I do understand something about routing… The problem i run into is that i cannot send from the mastertrack. If i send the output to de limitter, then i cannot return it. When i route anything else but the master, then the sends are not routed to the limitter. It is possible to route everything, but it makes it hard for a quick comparison like it would be when the was the possibility to send from the master track directly.

The other thing… I don’t understand what you mean exactly. What i was looking for is: when i hover the mouse above a parameter in renoise, would it be possible to adjust the parameter with the scroll wheel like it is possible with some vst. Now i have to press the left button and move the whole mouse which is pretty rsi…

Thanks for the help!

Use a send track to send to the necessary output on the soundcard and then a line input device to receive the input back on the master.

If you look closely to the images, you see that the actual “Mst” track doesn’t contain anything. I use S01 to output to the external output (I presume you will add a send device in all your tracks that will send to the S01) and then pick another sendtrack or ordinary track where you put the line input. And that specific trach, you send the output from to the master track. (don’t use a send device back to the send track or you cause feedback!)
The Mst routes to my default output 1+2 (which are my speakers)

Ya oké. I already got something like that. I would be nicer though if i could send from the mastertrack. Than i would only have to put in one send and one return. Or maybe it would be better if the send return tracks were more flexible. But i am not the first to bring this up i believe.
In cubase for example this is possible on the mastertrack. Its handy for A B comparison. Or when i don’t have the hw limitter on when working on the track. (i would only use it in the mastering phase).
Its not a problem that cant be overcome, but it would just make life a bit easier :-).
Are there any plans on making the send returns more flexible? Would be perfect to place them inside a group. It would help me with this problem, but there a many more advantages like bus compression with the fx in the same bus aswel.
Thanks for the support!

Put all the channels you are using into a single group, and then route this group to a send with just one send device.

No you are not the first one who desire more flexible routing facilities. Some folks rather trade the send-tracks simple send-devices that send into existing other tracks.
The processing order in which Renoise is processing the signals (from left to right and top to down) however would keep such option limited though, for example routing a signal back to a previous track would never be possible and routing a signal back to an in-device earlier in the chain would also produce unwanted artifacts (delay processed signal as it is processed not earlier than the next cycle, the more tracks you have, the more noticable).

That would then require a device-out device.

How about this:
Make send return tracks possible at the end of a group. Now make it possible to only send from tracks within the group. This way it can all go from left to right :). Now, for example, i can have my drumroom reverb inside my drum group and then have it go to the master as a whole :):slight_smile:

So i re-read this old topic because these 2 problems are still bugging me.

My first problem with the HW limitter is still there offcourse, but I never got an answer to my possible solution. This solution would also help with the more general routing problem of the send returns, so I ask again.

How about making sends and returns possibble within a group. The return track will be placed at the end of the group and only tracks inside te group can send to this return track. So only left to right. Is this possible? Is there being worked on another solution?

The second…

I want to be able to use the scroll wheel to udjust parameters i hover above, like in many other software. For example I hover above the frequency parameter in the eq and can adjust the freq by scrolling the wheel. With crtl of shift pressed and scrolling, it can be fine adjustment. In renoise i have to press the mouse button and move the mouse all the time and immediatly when i start using renoise I get troubles with my fingers and hands. I tried using duplex with a controller, but this is still not ready to do the job…

Can this already be done, is there a setting in the preferences? Or if not, will this be added in the next release?


+1000 for having sends inside a group! Would help for doing parallel compression on drums for instance.

And what would you do with the return track then? It still doesn’t change that audio is being processed from left to right
I mean you can also send stuff from send devices to a specific send channel that you call “return track” But you won’t be able to return from there either.
The results remain the same:As soon as you have a DSP in that return track, processing parameters of a DSP in any of the previous tracks, the result will be delayed until the stream combiner makes its second round.

I don’t think adding sends to a group would be a problem. Feedback options just require a special handling. I suspect they might also raise the CPU consumption enormously.

There will be no disclosures about what will be available in the next version of Renoise, not even little features.