2 Suggestions For Easier Automation

Being able to automate a sequence without actually having to play the pattern during automation would be nice. Simply put ‘edit step’ on 1, choose what parameter to automate using the ‘automation device’, press escape and record automation with greater precision and less stress.

To add to this: it would also be nice to, for instance, press ctrl when you start automation, which then will work as a block when you want to go back to the original value at the end of a pattern. Keeps things nice and tidy.

What do you think?

it does make a lot of sense.

this could also work toward a solution to the multi-pattern automation issue.

then increasing the editstep beyond 1 would create curves or points between right?

Good Idea. :)

…it would make automation much easier, and extends it’s capabilities. Let’s hope this can be implemented!

I don’t exactly understand the second option, however if you set this button to , then set edit step to 1 and then right click and drag the specific DSP plugin parameter to the value that you want it to have and then you can do this for every step. At least that is for quick recording parameter automation.
You can then check the automation frame how the parameters have been added and change point mode to linear or curve.

If you go to the automation window and click on it with the middlemousebutton (or use ctrl-tab until you get focus on the automation window) you can also use the arrow keys to change the automation node its position and if you want a precise value, doubleclick the value box (mentioning the value or mentioning “no value”) and type it in.
To add a new node hit [enter] key. [Del] removes a node.
I don’t know if you can develop a workflow that suits you best, but these options you can currently perform.

…altough i understand what you’re showing me, it’s rather a convoluted way of doing things, isn’t it? Suggestion one negates a couple of ‘handelingen’ [can’t think of the proper english word right now] and makes automation straight forward…

…but i’m too foggy at the moment to express myself coherently, so i’ll think about some more and get back to you :wacko: :)

It is pretty hard to circumvent performing these couple of ‘actions’ as the automation and pattern editor are not in the same area, so the keyboard focus has to be set on either one of both to get things done.
It would be nicer if various parts in Renoise could be undockable so that you can instantly see all the relational things, but this would still not resolve the problem that the controls can only be set to one area at a time.

You can automate a pattern in both situations while playing and while not playing the song, there may be ways to reduce the amount of actions that have to be performed but that will not be a lot of actions that could be reduced.

At which rate should the new points/automation added then?
And why not using linear/cubic automations in such cases instead? If you need this, you should probably not using pattern FX but the automations, as they offer way more flexibility in this case.

Perhaps you could lower the speed, when recording an automation?

…thanks for the replies guys; it’s clear to me now why my suggestion can’t work ánd you gave me a better understanding of automating principles :) I’ll go and make some music now :walkman: