2 Tracks


mixxed ad a very low volume because everyone is sleeping ;)


all done this weekend trying 2.8
tell me what you think.

could only quietly listen to the beginnings (no flash installed, uncompressed .wav when downloading) with 10-euro-speakers

boomdiggibams: i’m the anti-expert for this style, but the structure is very cool. tonally a bit too metallic for my taste as usual with… err… ‘break core’ or so

invitation: cool, especially when one of the repetive microtuned-like great chord sequences come, i need to listen to tracks like this more. the bit reduction is again metallic to me and i’m more a fan of plastic-ish tone (sawtooth, candy, not cheese because it’s salty x), but ‘plastic’ would destroy it i guess. eeh… i’ll listen to both again when my monitors will arrive. mp3-download would be nicer…

thank you for listening uhuh. I was expirimenting with some bitcrusher vsts in the hip hop track. maybe it explains tehe metallic sound. thou the beat was sampled direcly from vinyl ;)

made the junglebreakcore twice as long and glitched the vocal, now it says chinese junk on the ending :D