200 Bpm Drill N Bass Mod Style Breaker


enjoy or not! :slight_smile: :drummer:

nice drumprogramming and cool qpusher bass trix.
the only thing that i miss here is a bit space, for atmo or dly/verb- tails.
(to prepare the listener for the drop and to get a bit more dynamic flow)
otherwise, in renoise its hard to write a tune at 200bpm (lpb8) and still have an overview.
btw, how is your ‘reaper’(daw) knowledge?

Hey Engine, thanks for the listen & feedback. Could be more reverb in this on certain synth sounds maybe, would be more intelligible if there would be more drops anyway, as it is rather condensed in this short form. Not going to touch it again though, on to the next one!

I don’t use Reaper, have had it installed for a few days to check it out, but never arranged anything in it. Why do you ask? :)

yea, i thought so. :)

nah, its not about reaper in the first place. that was just a pointer.
reaper 4 is out and its basically a uncrippled shareware (since v.1) with a nagscreen at beginning for 10sec.
its so powerfull nowadays that its comparable to protools and alike.
all those tunes that may stuck in the wip process forever or are ‘one-time-runner’ are perfect candidates for mangling them into a daw of your joice.
you know that already.
most daws are uncustomizable big bloated ships with ugly loading times and heavy resource demanding.
thats why im asking about reaper (~6mb) and not cubase & co.
but sadly it has become a bit of a science to check all the possibilities.
(scripting, groove- quantize- extraction, midicontrolable actions, customizable gui, 32 - 64 native bridging… to name a few)
sorry if it looks like advert, it is not.

Like the track, mayng.

I’d like to hear the drums open up a little more and stay in the beat for a while longer ;)


Thanks for listening Sedate!

I used to export tracks in Madtracker and re-worked/arranged these in Cubase before I got into Renoise. The benefit of this was you could mangle the separate rendered .wavs individually and do some easy transformation tricks (reversed reverb, delays etc), but nowadays I try to do most stuff through automation as re-arranging in another daw can be time-consuming. Also when rendering tracks to .wavs individually, some plugins can introduce latency, which makes lining the waveforms up iffy sorting out the phasing.

When using renders from other audio programs I do make montages in wavelab, but this is for my non-beat music.