[200 Bpm Jungle] Keelwond

Older junglish track:


I like it, some tasty breakbeat and synth mangling… nice :)

mazzif! :guitar:




thats fast!

nice cuts and twists. i would not introduce all bass and drum parts right from the beginning in that kind of ‘denseness’.
its near to become effective like a 2 min. uprising\uplifter.
but looking throu my own “oldies” i guess thats what we all used to do when there was just the fun of tracking with no goal … just into the blue.

dont get me wrong on this one. it has ‘the plugexpert branding’ all over it. it is unique and tightly programmed as ever.
it just reminded me of how i struggled to get a progression or transition or whatev you may call it.

again, thanks for sharing this little gem.

and sorry for typing so much erroneous offtopicrap…

cheers for the listen and comment Engine,

I have a ton of these short segments and planned to do an album mix joining these to create more coherence and force some kind of musicalness on them :slight_smile: , inspired by the old long rave demo’s on the Amiga like Jesus On E’s. Unfortunately, the album mixes I’ve tried up until now haven’t been that strong and sound to dated imo, probably end up as bonus mix someday.