2010, A Work In Progress

Not having used renoise for a while, got into spirit with the new 2.5 beta - going to bed now, hoping for some constructive feedback for this work in progress

Binkboyd - 2010

great sound and overall tune.

remark 1: i think the violins are too slow (need more life)

remark 2: great bass sound, but needs melodic change in second part of the tune, you know, the second part needs ‘a lift’

soundwise, i think this has a VERY nice color :walkman:

Starts of full impact…wasn’t feeling the violins at first…lttle dry and simple melodic wise…pads underneath make it a lot better, but I’d process/layer them some more, maybe? Also the track is over before you know it! :( …I know, work in progress :) . Sounds like a good start.