2019 macbook pro 8 or 16gb

WARNING: annoying newb question incoming…

i’ve been on mac for years. dont really want to switch. im about to buy a new laptop for production based around renoise and was wondering if any macbook pro users here are experiencing significant performance differences between 8gb and 16gb on macbook pros? i can get a 13" w/ 8gb on amazon for cheaper than the apple store but there is no option to upgrade to 16gb. if i order from the apple store i will have to pay tax on top of the $200 upgrade price so the price difference is significant to me (almost $400 with tax) because im on a tight budget. so, im looking for advice from others here who are using a newer macbook.

i dont use alot of plugins. no plug ins instruments really. i make sample based old school jungle tunes.

any feedback is appreciated.

16gb. Now it may not matter, but later, it will.

Go for the biggest specs you can afford.

thanks man i appreciate the reply. still on the fence but you are right. more the better for sure. my old macbook just died and they want so much to fix it im probably just going to buy a new one. the studio down time is killing me so im rushing to buy a new one but like i said the budget is tight. kinda over apple products but osx is all i’ve used for the last decade at least so i dont want to switch.

My old macbok air had 8gb ram. First few years it was great, but then technology advanced and the requirements of some apps changed. I start to run more programs as well.

Five years later, my mac book air chokes because 8 gb of ram just isn’t enough with everything I’m doing.

Build a pc with 32 gb ram and this thing is fucking smoking! If the macbook air had 16gb when I started, I probably would still have it.

that probably does it for me. i’ll just spend the extra coin on the 16 and eat top ramen for a month haha. thanks man, much appreciated.