220 Bpm Plugexpert Remix

Sup nissles?

Long time ago a member from WATMM called evil idiot shared a remix pack for one of his tracks named ‘market day’, I gobbled it , but never really got to it until last week. I ‘finished’ it today and would like a couple of fresh ears to comment on it. Unfortunetely zebox won’t let me upload the mp3 'cause it’s over 5 megs :blush: I’ve uploaded the remix on my soundclick site instead, it’s the first song of the page “market day” (plugexpert rmx) :




Are you able to provide an alternate link???
I don´t wanna register only for that song at soundclick…

nah mate, I only have zebox & soundclick at the moment, since zebiox has an upload limit of 5 mb , I’m forced to use soundclick :frowning: I think registering at soundclick is a one time affair , can’t remember tho what thy need from you , maybe a fake emailadres will do?

no, fake email didn’t do the trick…

We sent an email with your validation code to

Please check your email for the validation code, then enter that code in the box below to activate your account.

I’m sharing the track btw on soulseek , my name there = plugexpert , tho if you like fast breakbeats just register and get it on soundclick ;)

aight, since this is getting no replies at all :blush: I’m sharing another link without the irritating soundclick registration …so no more excuses :) It’s my website, but still in pre-foetus fase , so don’t mind it’s current state :


check de second download in the mediaplayer.


have you ever tried http://www.mailinator.com . Can be very handy in situations like this ;)

Well, I guess you mean javascript cause there is no java on your page. Just a tip, never ever popup a new window on page load, modern browsers with native popup-killing will not allow that (soon not even the worthless IE-browser). So if you want people to be able to watch your page, make a button or similar that opens the popup…

Here is a directlink for anybody that uses a decent browser with native popup-killing turned on ;)
Or directlink to the MP3 ;)

wow! very good idea!

thanks twilek!
try not to… spam this URL too much, otherwise the sites could ban mailinator addresses.

though in such situations I usually use one of the various email address of friends of which I know the password (and of course they don’t know I do :rolleyes: ). It’s much more fun and it’s effective :D

cheers for the suggestion twilek, I’ve forwarded it to the man responsible for the page.