230 Bpm Breakcore Madness

http://soundcloud.com/burital/terry-poison-comme-ci-comme-ca :)

nice sidtune vibe hehe!

i think i recognise an endymion-sample in there ? :P

Nice track, keep up the good work.

tnx! , what is the endymion-sample?

Quite metal tune! Good job (Y)
Some chipsounds are maybe too loud compared to other stuff.

at 0.59 seconds you enter the break with a sid sound and a fuller drone kind of sound and it sounds quite the same as the sample a famous hardcoreproducer once used a couple of years ago. check the first 10 seconds of this link. no sample pun intendit ;) just a happy coincedence. yours is a bit more saturated and fuller :P

it’s actually sounds a bit a like when i hear it, anyway dunno this song before and i don’t listen to much hardcore techno since i was 15 , just found this nice click sample and played it and lower key , in 3:09 of my track you can hear it in the actuall original key