24 Bit Samples

I have a load of samples that are 24bit and Renoise will not open them. Is there no support? Or no plans for support? Even if it is a choice to up/dowconvert when loaded into Renoise (actually doesn’t Renoise convert everything to the same anyway?) I’m running 1.8 RC2

Or if not any time soon does anybody know of a program that will batch convert the files, all the folders at once, so I don’t have to go through them by hand?

24bit .wav’s are loading just fine for me. I don’t remember ever having a problem with them in the past either.

Maybe you can upload one of the samples and I can try loading it?

Hmmm just noticed that the problem may not be that they’re 24 bit. They’re multichannel. Any easy way to quickly covert a lot of 11 channel wavs into 2 channel?

11 Channels?! haha… wow.

Well I’m really not sure, but I think Extreme Sample Converter is one of the most popular apps for this kinda job:

Not really sure about a freeware alternative.

I just remembered, I think Audacity has a batch converting function which might be able to handle it:

Yeah I had downloaded Audacity and had a quick play and will definitely open them and save in stereo. Not had a chance to try and get the batch convert working though. Have a feeling it’s from what you have open, so can only do a single folder at a time. Thanks for your help though :)