246 tracks in a song in use: sound problems, high cpu - how can I optimize my setup?

dear people, I’m working on something a number 5.1 dolbysurround.
it has effects in it, different volumes, does it depend on the sound card I have now . or should I really go for an intel core I9 to stop the disturbances in the sound. I now have an Intel core I 9

please help and advice, I definitely want to do something about it because I love to make music, I look for all limits in my wish, when I see demo songs from renoise, 246 tracks is a lot for the song I’m working on

Settings dolby surround 5.1, in Renoise and Utility Asio 4 all v2.15 this program is needed to divide the 5.1 speakers into the tracks. so the sound comes from different sides. I’m working on a song with a lot of samples which costs a lot of CPU, I just don’t have my settings in order yet because I don’t really know the right adjustment, of 2 rogramma,s that together should work it seems to me that the values ​​of certain settings must be equal, I have a picture can someone explain to me, which sample rate I can best use. Buffer size , and sing offset, in any case I get interference at some moments in the sound , and high CPU., Kind regards Marc De Zeeuw
Renoise Settings

what exactly is needed to use a lot of tracks in renoise full of samples in a short time playback without sound disturbances and high CPU, more memory in your computer, better cooling of the processor, i now have an intel i7 core processor, i also make a 5.1 sound dolbysurround , using a program called asio 4 all to use during renoise that is also needed to divide the tracks over the different speakers, can someone give me some explanation ?

You could try raising the latency if it’s under 12 ms or so, I dare to say even up to 40 ms. That would give more stable CPU performance with a little bit slower responsiveness. If you’re laying out samples, that would be a workable solution.

Increase the asio buffer size to the max value in asio4all and see if that changes something. This will smooth out spikes in the cpu usage with the drawback of latency, but if you don’t do real time, it’s not really an issue.

Can do the true and tried method: freeze/render tracks/groups. This will require some forward thinking to achieve what you want but will improve CPU utilization by reducing load needed for amount of samples and FXes in the song.


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i tried opening the render Dialog and it worked no sound interference when I record the song and then play it , you or you are not crazy at all i am really happy with this , i was already looking at an i9 intel processor, it will come in the future but I’m really grateful for this, I hope your own work will go well too, I wish the best, thanks

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