24bit Jomox Mbase Samples.

JOMOX : “The MBase01 can do only one thing, but it does it right: Phatt kick drums!! It contains analog bass drums, from extremely powerful to soft and tender, and covers the whole range from 909-style to 808-fashioned.”

Original presets were sampled (no FX or mangling) using MOTU Ultralite audio interface at 24bit/48khz.

Work done by Atarix. February 2008.




p.s. Jomox unit owned by DJ Macron. Check his myspace. Got some nice tunes.

I love you

All for you people. Next one `ll be Roland R8, all original sounds sampled at 16bit/44khz using Akai MPC1000.

thanks mang!

but!.. can’t download because service at full capacity! sendspace is rather frustrating, this happens more times than not it seems

If you can suggest me another online storage i`ll upload this XRNI there.

Thanks! I’ve been looking for something like this. :)
I’m not able to pull it down either, how about uploading to divshare or box.net?




haven’t checked it yet, but no matter what - thanks a bunch for the effort!

Oh this is just brilliant, Atarix! There’s 77 kicks very nice kicks in there! Though I have to say, this did nothing good toward dampening my gearlust for a Jomox box. Great work indeed! <3


Thanks!!! :D

Thank you!!

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Thank you guys for your “thanks” )

Roland R8 on the way to go. Its really boring to cut 127 sounds precisely. I just dont trust 2 automatic slicers like ReCycle or ZeroXs one.

Thank you :D and have a great weekend :D

Cheers :yeah:

thanks atarix!
this community could do with more original sample sharing

Hey thanks!

Thanks, always nice to have some good kicks.