$25 Mixing...

I think I made a mistake making music my hobby, cause frankly I ain’t got no ear when it comes to producing a decent mix. Stuff don’t sound right, and I can’t seem to fix it.

Anyways, one of my side deallys is working on supporting open source CMSs. People pay me some dough and I’ll set up a CMS for them etc… basically Open Source is like a huge money maker cause of all the services that surround them. Who needs a customized joomla template? Give me $50 and I’ll do one for you.

So I propose somebody with some skills at producing a decent mix in Renoise (which I think is reasonable) should start a mixing service. For $25 or 25 euros (actually, more like 17.5 with exchange rates being what they are) I could send somebody my Renoise song, and they can spend a hour mixing it by using the native DSPs and whatever freely available VST effects are out there. I’d probably learn a lot seeing somebody fix up my own song too.

I’d guess we’d pay through PayPal.

For me, $25 is my limit cause this is just a hobby, and the total cost of my “DAW” is whatever I paid for my Renose license 4 years ago.

Or send your work to a UCLA student who has been working with Renoise the past year and let them use your work for their grades.


… or just ask some music buddies to do it out of pure musical love

Sure, give me the money. I’ll mix it for ya. :)

I’m very serious about this, at least for one song.

Sure, show me, might be relaxing thing to do on weekend.

PM me if you like. I do this quite seriously. See my sig.

I sent it off to Sasa Foo?, but thanks. There needs to be Renoise classifides section or something, so I could have just checked there to begin with.

There’s always a loon somewhere, willing to do it for the fun :)
Seek and thou shall find. Ask and thou shall receive.

Besides, despite you offering 25 bucks for mixing, you managed
to find people willing to help you out for free! What more could you want?

By the way, I’m looking for someone to make me some breakcore… ;)

Foo? Can you give me some info about the gear you use for mastering. PM is OK.

Or, we could do this as a “competition”; we all get the tune (upload it somewhere, whoever wants to have a go at mixing it will do it and upload it back) and you can listen to the different results, ask questions and get answers from whoever did the mix you like the most.

Great fun and a very informative experience for us all.



PS: Foo? is the mastering-master.
Pay close attention to him.

Yeah, I have done mastering compos. Pretty fun and cool way to learn. If anyone has participated cooking competition then this quite similar for various reasons. :D

That is a GREAT idea, count me in.

if this competition thing happens.count me in too,would be fun to try

Great idea! :)

Yeah sounds like fun. Throw ANYTHING at me ;)

competition sounds ideal! espescially if theres a $25 prize haha :D