2Nd Copy Of Renoise 2.6?

Are here somebody who are thinking of selling his copy of Renoise 2.6?
Im planning to buy the full version, but first, I want to take a look at the 2nd market…

dude it’s only €40 for the time, are you joking?

nearly insulting…


seriously, even if you are never going to use it, its worth the €40.

No-no, I know that its not expensive. BUT. If somebody bought it, and never used, you know… :D

Please buy it ! The Renoise Developers needs your money ^_^

I will! :D

I’ve been on this board for over 5 years, most of that time reading pretty devoutly (much more so than actually tracking at times) and can only remember once seeing somebody talk about selling on his licence. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for one to come along and with the amazing price (even better during the beta period, before full 2.7 release) it is a no-brainer to not just buy it!

And I think that guy was trolling too…

I bought my upgrade used, but now I wish I would have waited… didn’t save much compared to the current discount price. I’d say go for it!


that depends: does it smell like you?

Alright, it’s getting creepy now guys…

You are allowed to buy an existing license from someone else, but 2.7 final is nearing. And you don’t know from which version the second hand copy has been bought. If that happened to be 1.8, that would mean you would soon need to upgrade anyway.
And i guess that one will cost you 40 euro’s as well :)
So if you want to spend for a discount, i would suggest you to do it now because now you can get a new license for an upgrade price.