[3.0] doofer VCA compressor

i made a doofer-compressor. the character reminded me of a VCA compressor, hence the name

call me nuts, on some things this sounds better then the native buscompressor (try it on breaks!) :walkman:/>


Sounds nice! Thanks

here’s a slightly more agressive one:


edit: makeup should be 0 on this one

Sounds great on drums, it’s got me wondering if its possible to make a transient shaper using this approach?

i’m doing some transient doofers atm, check my other posts :walkman:

Here’s a multiband compressor type effector. ready to tweak.
Multiband Thingy
happy with this fx packaging. very easy to setup.

Nifty, but you might want to set your signal followers to only listen to the frequency ranges they’re affecting with the EQ. Currently they’re listening full spectrum, which basically turns this effect into an EQ with fairly arbitrary attack and release values on each band.

That is where HP LP sliders isolate the range. cool. Thanks for the advice.