[3.0] Trancegater


You know what is a trance gater, if you don’t know what it is let’s have a look on this vid and you’ll remember.

Now you can use the new Renoise 3.0 phrase editor to “trancegate” a monophonic instrument with simple volume commands. However it’s harder to use this simple technique to “trancegate” properly the content of some polyphonic instruments and, when you use a polyphonic instrument in a track, inside the pattern editor, and when you introduce separately your notes at different moments : the transgating effect doesn’t work well since it should be applied on the whole track sound. So, to properly produce this typical effect, you need to control it from the instrument FX chain, and not from the phrase editor.

Here’s a short demonstration of how to use a "custom lfo" to do it.

Have fun ! :)

I’m not really shure how a trancegate is supposed to work and i haven’t dug too deep into this technique yet, but wouldn’t it make more sense to have this in the track DSP pane? Or do you have to do this in the instrument with a phrase?

You can move the TG doofer from the instrument fx chain, into the track dsp, of course. The unique thing to do with this effect is to create a “customized lfo”.